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Our Vision

Using the experiences of life and the gifts that God has blessed us with to deliver an inspirational message to the world.  Whether in the form of music, video, film, production, or promotion we are driven by a desire to fulfill our calling as disciples of Jesus Christ and unashamed of our message that is the story of our continued salvation.  We are imperfect participants in God’s perfect plan with a hope to allow God to use us to make our communities and this world a better place.

Our Story

On Faith Entertainment was founded in 2003 by Roy Dockery and Quinton Littlejohn in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Known across the country as O.F.E the organization has made its presence known in Music, Film, Social Activism, and Community Outreach.

Our Leadership

On Faith Entertainment has 15 years of experience in artist development, branding, logistics, creative development, professional services and Christian Entertainment.

Roy Dockery, MBA

Co-Founder & CEO


The Executive Pastor, a business professional with a heart for for ministry.

Quinton Littlejohn

Co-Founder & CCO


The creative force behind On Faith and the voice of Cut With Scissors.

Nikeenah Dockery

Public Relations


The hospitable face of On Faith, our public liaison and the First Lady of On Faith.

Next Steps…

Do you have a community in need of revival?  Are your youth groups engaged or just attending church?  Let us help you set their Faith on Fire!

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