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Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 1 of Season 2. Part one of my top ten focus areas of when starting your indy project. CWS will dig deeper into each of these topics in the following episodes so buckle up!

Season 2 Episode 2

Cut With Scissors S2.E2.Indy film Tips

Season 2 Episode 3

Cut With Scissiors Episode 3: Little things about acting

Season 2 Episode 4

Cut With Scissors Episode 4: Love Scenes

Season 2 Episode 5

Cut With Scissors Indie Film Tips Episode 5 : Sound Design Basics

Season 2 Episode 6

Cut with Scissors Ep 6: Actor Director relationship

Season 2 Episode 5 Part 2

Episode 7 is part 2 of Episode 5 Sound design. Here is a short clip from the movie "John Wick 2" I started from Silence and I made all my own sounds using things like boxes, chains, sheets, hands, my car, motorcycle, mailbox, voice, child toys ect. Sound design is possible and practical you can still have cinematic sound with out having to buy sound packs...side note; I did EQ these sounds and add reverb to some.

Season 3 Episode 1

Cut With Scissors: Fight Choreography with Devin Walker

Season 3 Episode 2

Cut with Scissors S3.E2: Special Guest-- Actress Katrina Jeen

Season 3 Episode 3

Cut With Scissors S.3E.3: Writing Plot Twist and Reveals

Season 3 Episode 4

Cut With Scissors S.3E.4: Developing Web Series w/ Karlton Clay