Business Administration

Scheduling, Travel Logistics, Contract Review, Booking Questionaires, Merchandising consultation and more

Digital Music Consultation

Do you have questions regarding licensing, royalties, music placement, digital music release?  Let On Faith Ent and SparkFire services answer your questions.

Coaching & Development

Artistic ministry can be highly demanding, financially burdening and unrewarding.   Pastor Roy offers counseling, mediation, financial planning, budgeting, and brand development for veteran and aspiring artist.

Ministry, Art & Professional Excellence

On Faith Ent equips independent artist with the tools and support that allow them to focus on the objectives of their ministry while operating with professional excellence.  Colossians 3:23, Proverbs 22:29

Royalties, Licensing & Music Placement

Are you positioning your music to be heard by your intended audience?  Have you ever thought of having you music played in films, commercials, video games, or other outlets.  Let On Faith Ent provide you the information necessary to maximize exposure and profitability of your projects.

Next Steps…

If you are an artist looking for a support system that can allow you to function effectively in your primary calling contact us to begin the selection process.

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