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Meet Sheena

Sheena L. Vincente-Mitchell, a well-rounded, multicultural, expressive dancer and choreographer. She specializes in a variety of dance styles to include: modern, hip-hop, ballet, worship, jazz, krump and contemporary in both solo and group performances.

Sheena is a resident of Aurora/Denver, Colorado and began dancing at the age of two. Sheena began in her path to becoming a professional dance artist at the age of 6. Her mother enrolled her in her first dance, jazz and tap classes in Sacramento, California.

Sheena’s hobbies are poetry, fashion designing, singing, spending time with family and friends, and being an active member of her church.

Ms. Vincente-Mitchell is a proven leader. She was a member of The Future Business Leadership of America program and The Denver Links chapter. Sheena graduated with honors in both programs. She is also a social media adviser and guest-liaison in her youth group at her home church called “T.R.Y.M” (Total Recall Youth Ministries).
Also is a new local artist on a label called “That Faith Music” Ordained by On Faith Entertainment.

Sheena is currently attending Metropolitan State University and is majoring in dance choreography, Special Education, and business management. She plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. She plans to achieve her goals by persevering through challenges, leaning on the support of her family and loved ones and her continued faith in God.

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